Artisans in the Erzgebirge mountains have been making wooden blocks since 1850, when the company founded by S F Fischer began production of building blocks designed Friedrich Fröbel.

International acceptance and accolades recognise the importance in building block history of these wooden blocks designed by Friedrich Fröbel, when he invented Kindergarten. Friedrich Fröbel recognised that it was useful for a child to have many wooden blocks exactly the same shape, that could be assembled in many different ways.

Many centuries of experience of wood handicrafts in the Erzgebirge mountains along with renewable beech wood stand for quality and sustainability.

The miners of the Erzgebirge mountains were constantly confronted with wood during their daily work and developed special talents to shape wood. After the end of their workday, the miners carved figures and scenes of their everyday life. As the mining industry declined, they decided to use their skills in woodworking to start a new industry.

Der kleine Schwede S F Fischer 1908

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