Basic Game

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Slide open this small box (75 mm x 55 mm x 30 mm) to reveal three shapes: circle, square and triangle. Let the game begin!

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Product Description

altersangabe_4plusA small building set in basic shapes and coloured red, yellow and blue – a combination, made popular by the Bauhaus.

Thanks to a magnificent joint effort by bauhaus-archiv gmbh and Fred Voss, a wonderful idea has been brought to life.

  • 25 mm cube is divided to form three red building blocks
  • cylinder 25 mm in diameter and 25 mm high is likewise divided to form three blue building blocks
  • triangle with 25 mm sides is divided to form two yellow building blocks

8 building blocks (basic dimension 25 mm) and instructions in packaging (75 x 55 x 30 mm).

Design: Fred Voss


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