Jumping Balls

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24 wooden balls in the box through an acrylic glass pane

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Product Description

altersangabe_4plusThe game consists of a handy wooden box with a bottom that has holes in it. We can see 24 wooden balls in the box through an acrylic glass pane. There is one ball in each hole except one that remains empty so we can move the balls. To prevent them from getting lost, it is not possible to take the balls out of the box.

Patience and the ability to concentrate are developed by this game. It is suitable both for a child in a family and for kindergarten groups. The size of the wooden box allows us to easily take hold of it with both hands. We have something to clasp firmly in our hand, and it feels good to the touch. The wooden box with its lovely colourful balls is a treat for the eyes and the hands. The game awakens our senses – we feel well, think, see, hear and form our own patterns over and over again.

Dimensions: circa 210 x 210 x 60 mm.

The concept for the game was developed by Ursula Wünsch.


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